Mortar herb ingredients

How to use Yin Chiao:

Traditional Uses:
Used at the first sign or during the first two days of cold or flu.
Also used when exposed, or likely to be exposed to cold or flu.
Disperses Wind Heat, Clears Heat, Relieves Toxicity.

Dosage and Indications for Use:
Take 4-5 grams (5-6 tablets) immediately at the first sign of Cold or Flu.
Then take 3-4 grams every four hours for the rest of the day.
If symptoms persist, continue to take four every four hours.
For Prevention: Take every four hours when exposed to cold or flu.
Children: Crush and mix with food.

Keep a dozen tablets in your car, purse, or pocket during cold and flu season. Take promptly.
Begin taking tablets a half hour before entering airports, airplanes, terminals, or crowded public facilities.

Course of Use:
The course of treatment is a minimum of one day and a maximum of one week per episode.
Bed rest during the hours of administration, if possible, is a plus.

Practitioner Notes:
This classic formula is widely popular because of its ability to treat upper burner disorders without injury to the middle burner.

Though classified as a Wind-Heat formula, it is traditionally used, and effective for, both Wind Heat and Wind Cold patterns.

Superior to most formulas used for Wind Cold, Yin Chiao is suitable for patients who present with dryness due to deficiency of Blood or Yin. This is because of the mild and non-drying nature of the herbs used in the formula. Yin Chiao can be used concurrently with various versions of Gan Mao Ling.